Episode 93: Kristine McCluskey – Theory of Education in Pathology, and the AAPA Preceptor Program

Today my guest is Pathologists’ Assistant Kristine McCluskey

What we discuss with Kristine:

  • How she discovered the pathologists’ assistant field and her experience in training
  • How she was inspired to start teaching and why this appealed to her
  • The Interesting Gross Case Workshop she started at Baylor, the paper that was published from that
  • The All City Anatomical Pathology Symposium in 2017
  • Her role in the AAPA Preceptor Program
  • How the Preceptor Program is organized, and some of the topics
  • How studying High Reliability Organizations can benefit pathology education
  • Why she chose to earn a Doctorate in Education and how she is applying that knowledge

Links for this episode:

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Interesting Gross Case Workshop to Remedy Disconnect in Surgical Pathology Curriculum

Baylor College of Medicine Department of Pathology and Immunology

Pathology Teaching and Quality Improvement Tools

High Reliability Organizations

American Association of Pathologists Assistants


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