Episode 97: Dr Ralf Huss – Immunology and Precision Cancer Medicine

Today my guest is Pathologist Dr Ralf Huss

What we discuss with Dr Huss:

  • His path to medicine and his initial interest in surgery
  • Studying immunology and transplant biology
  • What it was like to be in these fields as exciting new discoveries were happening
  • How he started working in the pharmaceutical industry and some of his job duties
  • The early days of image analysis in pathology and how that field has evolved
  • His role at the Institute for Digital Medicine, and the goals of the institute
  • The origin of the book Precision Cancer Medicine: Role of the Pathologist and the intended audience
  • How the role of the pathologist has changed in cancer medicine
  • The need for standardization in digital and computational pathology
  • Tumor heterogeneity and tumor microenvironment, and why these concepts are important

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