Episode 99: Dr Marilyn Bui – The Holistic Pathologist, and The Healing Art of Pathology

Today my guest is Pathologist Dr Marilyn Bui

What we discuss with Dr Bui:

  • How she was inspired to become a doctor, and how her combination of eastern and western education gave her a unique perspective
  • Why she chose to study molecular pathology and immunology
  • How an orthopedic oncologist inspired her to specialize in bone and soft tissue pathology
  • The three revolutions in pathology, and her involvement in each of them
  • Her work in digital pathology, including her term as President of the Digital Pathology Association
  • Her thoughts on AI as “augmented intelligence,” rather than “artificial intelligence.”
  • The origin of the book The Healing Art of Pathology
  • Some stories of how The Healing Art of Pathology has connected with patients, and other healthcare professionals
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and how the Holistic Pathologist is related to this

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