Exec Perspective: A MedTech CEO’s Journey from Sales to C Suite

Pat Kothe started in the field as a sales rep. He’s worked in marketing. And today he’s President & CEO at EM Device Lab, and host of the Mastering Medical Device podcast. He knows a thing or two about not only the medical device industry, but also how MedTech companies should operate from the inside out. This episode is all about invaluable advice and pearls of wisdom that will make your life and career as a sales rep so much easier and more fulfilling — by simply breaking down organizational barriers and working in lockstep with your colleagues.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How MedTech sales, marketing, and leadership teams can coalesce to impact the bottom line
  • Why professional success often hinges on your ability to appreciate the roles of all your organizational colleagues
  • How to grow your MedTech sales skills by educating yourself on other disciplines
  • A treasure trove of proven advice and practical steps to help you move up within your organization

Plus, we dig into the critical importance of understanding and sharing the “why” behind your products and decisions — not just among your customers, but also your internal team.

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