F 121 AgeTech Series 1/4: Healthcare and technology in the oldest population in the world – Japan

This is the first episode about AgeTech and rethinking the last years of our lives. Over 2.3 million people died due to COVID by February 2021. These were mostly older people. Many of them died alone in the hospital, without the option to say goodbye to their families. Without even someone from the medical staff at their bedside. COVID opened up space for us to start reconsidering on a broader level how we wish to die, lead quality last years of life, and fear death less. 

This episode looks at a few innovations in Japan. Japan is the nation with the largest elderly population in the world. Over 28% of people in Japan are older than 65. The episode explores: Why do the Japanese live so long? What effect does a longer lifespan have on individuals and caregiving? How can healthy life be encouraged already at younger ages? We will take a closer look into a solution addressing visual impairment and a solution for Aspiration Pneumonia, which is a common issue with the elderly. It refers to food going into the lungs causing an infection that can lead to death from pneumonia. 


Adrian Sossna, VP of global sales at Hacarus

Kenji Suzuki, CEO of Plimes 

Mr. Yasuro Koizumi, CEO of Finc Technologies  

Kazuo Kaneko, CEO of Digital Attendant

Episode Summary

More at: www.facesofdigitalhealth.com

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