F016 Why aren’t nurses included in innovation processes more? (Rebecca Love, Hirenurses.com)

Nurses and midwives account for nearly 50% of the health workforce. While being an important group of healthcare stakeholders, they are often overlooked, especially when talking about innovation. However, they are very innovative and creative. According to Rebecca Love, an experienced Nurse Entrepreneur, nurses do around 27 workarounds per shift. This means 27 times per day they use technology or care differently from the innovator’s expectation. But to be efficient and deliver the best care possible this is a must.
Questions addressed:
What are the difference between doctors and nurses regarding salary and liability?How can entrepreneurship be encouraged among nurses?Where can nurses be most entrepreneurial?If nurses get a seat at the table, what power shift could that bring?Hirenurses.com is a mother-daughter company. How does that collaboration look like?


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