F030 What role does HIMSS play in the global healthcare transformation? (Hal Wolf, CEO of HIMSS)

Hal Wolf III became the CEO of HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, the largest global organisation connecting healthcare IT providers) in 2017. While having rich experiences in the healthcare industry, he started his career in a very different sector — the entertainment business. Hal first workes in Sales and Marketing for MTV Networks in the 80s, later as VP of Content at Time Warner. Then, after 20 years, did his professional development shifted to healthcare when he became the Chief Information Officer for Kaiser Permanente in Colorado. 
Some questions addressed in the podcast: 
What can healthcare learn from the entertainment industry? 
What is the price of interoperability, what can we learn from Keiser Permanente, where $6 billion USD was spent to implement a unified system in 10 years time? 
What is the role of HIMSS in the interoperability story?
How has HIMSS changed since the acquisition of Health 2.0 in 2017?
How to stay informed as a health executive in the era of overwhelming amounts of new information about new technologies? 
What are the global healthcare challenges? 


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