F059 Digital health in Africa 4/4: Doctor’s appointments made easy in South Africa (Sheraan Amod)

 South Africa is a restless country with Race and ethnicity still causing a lot of tension in the society. On the healthcare side, there are only 0.9 doctors per 1000 people in the country. Out of 59 million people, 9 million people access healthcare through private providers; the rest are in the public system. Soon, however, the system might change with the introduction of National Health Insurance, as you will hear from Sheraan Amod – CEO and founder of South Africa’s largest and fastest growing online healthcare booking platform. Over 100,000 patients and 1,500 providers connect with each other every month via RecoMed. 
In this discussion, Sheraan talks about his transition into healthcare, shares his views on the development of healthcare in the country and plans for RecoMed, which allows patients to leave positive recommendations about providers on the platform. Negative reviews are sent to providers privately. 
Recap: https://www.facesofdigitalhealth.com/blog/f056-f060-digital-health-in-africa-series-tanzania-nigeria-south-africa-rwanda 
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RecoMed: https://www.recomed.co.za/
Sheraan Amod: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sheraanamod/


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