F066 The power of patients 2/4: Patients need more than medical treatment (Marina Borukhovich)

In the second episode of the short series about the patient perspective of healthcare Marina Borukhovich, born in Belarus, raised in US and living for the past 8 years in Netherlands and Germany shares her story of being diagnosed with breast cancer at 37 years old. 3 years later she lost her father to pancreatic cancer. She founded YourCoach, a startup giving coaches client management and accountability tools in order to help heal their clients holistically, with a vision of having health coaches accessible to everyone. YourCoach aims to become the ultimate authority for health coaches.
Recap of the show: https://www.facesofdigitalhealth.com/blog/f065-f068-the-power-of-patients-4-episodes-series
YourCoach: https://yourcoach.health/


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