F083 Doctors in digital health 3/4: Connecting specialists and primary care doctors for faster, better patient care (Owain Rhys Hughes)

This is the third discussion in a short series about doctors who left clinical practice to work as entrepreneurs in digital health. In the previous episodes, Daniel Kraft talked about a new idea for more precise dosing of medications chronic patients with comorbidities have to take daily, he also shared his thoughts about COVID-19 management in the US and innovation efforts to aid the pandemic, Michael Docktor, former full time pediatric gastroenterologist and Clinical Dir. of Innovation Boston Children’s Hospital talked about better task management in hospital settings and healthcare suited app called Dock-Health which he co-founded. Today, we are moving from the US to UK. You will hear from Owain Rhys Hughes – NHS surgeon who left clinical practice to build an advice and guidance platform for clinicians. In this discussion, you will hear why are referrals from primary to secondary care suboptimal how can they be improved with one solution that can impact GPs efficacy in referring patients to specialists, it, optimizes care specialists give to patients once they see them, it can drive down costs and most importantly, offer patients an incredibly improved experience with the healthcare system. 
Cinapsis: https://www.cinapsis.org/ 
Summary of the series: www.facesofdigitalhealth.com/blog/f081-084-doctors-and-digital-health
Other speakers/prrojects presented in this series: 
Daniel Kraft: https://danielkraftmd.net/ 
Exponential Medicine: exponential.singularityu.org/ 
Digital.Health: https://www.digital.health/ 
Mediquo:  https://www.mediquo.com/ 
Dock.Health: https://www.dock.health/ 


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