F090 Nurses 4/4: All the aspects of community care (Mary Lou Ackerman, Canada)

This is the fourth episode in the short series about nurses who moved to entrepreneurship.
Mary Lou Ackerman is Vice President of Innovation and Digital Health with SE Health. Mary Lou is a founding member of SONSIEL (Society of Nursing Scientist, Innovator, and Entrepreneur Leaders) and an active member of CHIEF (Canada’s Health Informatics Executive Forum) with Digital Health Canada. Her background is extensive — she has led the development and implementation of many business transformation projects, innovations and partnerships. Mary Lou joined Saint Elizabeth in 1987 as a visiting nurse, and she has augmented her clinical background with a graduate business degree and significant experience with health informatics and technologies. Mary Lou has a passion for community health care, combined with a desire to advance care, creating innovative service models supported by digital health technologies, to create a future that will provide a personalized, accessible, meaningful health experience for individuals, their families and the service providers that support them.
More about other episodes: https://www.facesofdigitalhealth.com/blog/f087f091-series-nurses-the Are you a digital health startups? Check out Health Venture Lab and apply for their next accelerator program: https://hvlab.eu/ 


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