F098 Digital Health in South America 2/4: Colombia: “Doctors normally have two or three jobs” (Javier Cardona, 1Doc3)

When Googling the Colombian healthcare system, there’s mostly praise about how good it is! The World Health Organization ranked Colombia’s healthcare system as number 22 in a review of 191 countries. Javier Cardona is the CEO of 1DOC3 – a Colombian company that offers affordable telemedical consultations in seconds; no appointment is needed. 
In this episode, Javier talked about the Columbian healthcare system structure, which ranks high according to WHO ranking. He also explained the needs and specifics of telemedicine in Latin America. 
This is the second part of a short series about digital health in South America. 
Find out more at: https://www.facesofdigitalhealth.com/blog/e0d0c43vvl3kfalkfzu3uribb3d6bp 
1Doc3: https://www.1doc3.com/


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