F129 What Is the State of Digital Health Law? (Bianca Rose Phillips)

Bianca Rose Phillips is a Global Digital Health Law theorist from Australia, and the founder of a Digital Health Think Tank. In her legal work, she is focused mostly on Australia and the USA. Many people know her by her framework of the so-called 8 pillars of digital health law-making. Bianca also contributed to the recently published book, Voice Technology in Healthcare, she is a lecturer and she also runs two podcasts – Too nice for law and Digital Health Law series.

In this discussion, she talks about the current state of digital health law in general, why she opted out of My Health Record, why patients need to be responsible about their data, the legal standpoints in data privacy and ownership, and more.

Episode Summary

More about Bianca: 

Website: www.biancarosephillips.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/biancaphillips/

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