F134 What Do You Know About SPACs in Healthcare? (mHealth Israel episode)

Funding in technologies, especially software in healthcare, has been booming in the last few years. Recently, SPACs – special purpose acquisition companies have gained in popularity. SPACs are not a new vehicle that makes it much easier for companies to go public. But it seems like their use has been reborn in the last year.

This episode is prepared in partnership with mHealth Israel. mHealth Israel, led by Levi Shapiro, recently organized a webinar about SPACs. That webinar is adapted for audio in this episode. 

This is a three-part episode. First, you’re going to hear about what SPACs are as explained by Keith Townsend from the law firm King & Spalding. Then Sari Kaganoff, General Manager at Rock Health will take you through the state of SPACs in healthcare. The two presentations are followed by a Q&A session. The whole content is moderated by Gil Bashe, digital health thought leader and Managing Partner at Finn Partners marketing agency. 

Watch the SPAC webinar on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gnjpZPexQg&t=2854s

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