Facing Failure Head On: A No-Excuses Guide to Making Headway in MedTech Sales

It’s Round 8 and you’ve only got two picks left… who’s making your roster? Jointline Health VP of Sales Dustin Poole teaches his team to focus on just 10 qualified accounts at a time by leading a “fantasy medical sales league” within their distributorship. Why? As someone who clawed his way into device sales with zero contacts and a million reasons to panic, Dustin understands the value of setting highly specific targets, guarding your time, and betting big on yourself. 

After a successful start in SaaS and two failed independent ventures, he found himself with a newborn at home and a MedTech career that needed to get airborne ASAP. In this interview, Dustin takes us through his unique journey and offers advice on how to attack your weaknesses head-on. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The practical importance of disqualifying targets as soon as possible
  • When to emotionally detach yourself from an opportunity to conserve your best efforts
  • What it means to “earn the right to ask” for business
  • Psychologist Carol Dweck’s concept of a “growth mindset”
  • Why expertise in every aspect of your product isn’t necessary for gaining momentum  

Plus, we polish the classic question— “Do you love to win or hate to lose?”—with a fresh perspective.

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