Facts vs Fiction: Exposing the Myths Surrounding UV-C Disinfection

What have you heard about UV-C Disinfection? Are all low-level disinfection devices created equally? Find out the truth about UV-C disinfection in this exciting First Case Vendor SpotlightTM with Gunner Lyslo, Founder and CEO of Surfacide. Learn how low-level disinfection with UV-C energy significantly reduces the presence of viruses and bacteria, and find out how it disinfects colonized surfaces in our operating rooms.  We’ll also discover how providing an added layer of disinfection with Surfacide’s Best-in-Class Helios System increases patient, surgeon, and employee confidence, builds patient loyalty, and even improves HCAHPS scores. If you want to be confident that your operating rooms aren’t harboring an enemy that you can’t see, tune in today!

You can learn more about the world’s only American made, patented, triple emitter robotic UV-C light solution available on the market today by visiting www.surfacide.com.  You can also follow Surfacide on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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