Fighting Dirty: The Platform for Sterile Processing Passion – Themes that Push Our Industry Forward

What needs to be said about the #SterileProcessing industry that hasn’t been said yet? Who’s voice needs a platform to share their passion for the mission of patient safety with a listening world? We asked these questions when Beyond Clean was founded nearly three years ago, and we continue to ask them each and every day. As the Beyond Clean revolution has continued to grow, the opportunities we have to promote best practices, magnify new voices, and engage with a diversity of subject matter experts in device reprocessing has gotten larger and larger.

We believe that one person on a mission can literally change the world, and we have created a platform to make that as easy as possible for the innovators, leaders, and disruptors out there trying to make it happen. On this episode of Fighting Dirty, Hank and Justin sit down to discuss the various themes that they see coming out of podcast interviews and industry conversations on a regular basis. Everything from C-Suite involvement to mentorship could be the bridge that carries our teams over their current challenges and puts on a road to real success. Tune in for an insider’s look on what we think is making our industry tick!

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