From Chaos to Consistency: Simple Solutions for Vendor Management

In a perfect world, vendors and manufacturers would consult with both Sterile Processing and Operating Room professionals as they build their products. This would ensure that any products put in place would help solve the chaotic nature of these departments rather than add to it. What if you were to learn that there is a solution that has taken this approach? A solution that turns chaos into consistency. On this week’s release of the Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight Series, we speak with Chris Stewart and Jeff Wertz from Surgio Health about their tray tracking system that addresses everything from communication and visibility to the data that you need as a department leader to finally explain things like why cases are being delayed or why you’re succeeding in reducing SSI rates in a particular service line. Tune in now to learn more about a system that creates alignment and consistent expectations for vendors and hospital departments alike, so everyone is more comfortable going into those busy loaner days. Follow Surgio Health on LinkedIn and find out additional information at


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