From Finance to Healthcare: How to Start a Private Pain Management Practice with Percy Naranjo (#2)

After a successful eight-year career on wall street, Percy Naranjo, MBA took the leap to start Performance Pain and Sports Medicine (Previously named Performance Spine and Sports Medicine) with a group of physician friends. Percy strategized, modeled, and negotiated the necessary contract for the flagship location in Lawrenceville New Jersey, and has since helped grow the practice to six locations across three different states.

In this episode I spoke with Percy for a “how to” on starting and scaling a private pain management practice. During our discussion Percy also reveals the key insights that he learned throughout the growth process and his top recommendations for those looking to follow a similar career path.

Hope you are able to find value and utilize some of the tips from this discussion!


00:50 How did you get into the healthcare industry and start out with PPSM?

04:07 Starting the original location in Lawrenceville

04:47 Learning the business and starting to scale across multiple locations

06:59 When you and your team started PPSM, what was the goal for the company?

08:04 How many locations is PPSM at now?

08:18 What is the strategy for company currently – will we see continued expansion?

10:54 What were you looking for in personnel when hiring/building your team?

13:52 What or two things that you’ve learned during your time in private practice – what are your recommendations for up and coming healthcare leaders and/or people looking to open up a private practice?

15:54 What are one or two key things that you learned throughout this process that you think could help aspiring entrepreneurs and/or future healthcare leaders?

18:54 What are some key characteristics/qualities/skills that you believe are necessary for those looking to become a private practice executive?

21:31 The scope of management for a small to medium-sized private practice

22:35 What is PPSM doing to differentiate from the competition?


Performance Pain and Sports Medicine

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