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Being patient-obsessed: Keeping the patient at the forefront and letting it guide a new type of healthcare experience with Andy Grover (#31)

Today’s guest is consumer healthcare expert, Andy Grover. Andy started his career in real estate, prior to joining One Medical, where he led real estate and development for the well-known primary care practice as they scaled across the country. Today, Andy is a co-founder and Chief Development Officer at Tend, the consumer-centric dental practice located in 5 major metro markets and soon to be more.

In our conversation we discuss:

  • Starting his career in real estate
  • Making the jump into healthcare
  • The importance of design in consumer health
  • How to create the ultimate patient-centered experience
  • His top recommendations for leaders in the field

Being a student of the industry: A commitment to learning and growth, and letting it lead you to high-quality results with David Pierre (#30)

Today’s guest is healthcare technology and services executive, David Pierre. David is the Chief Operating Officer of Signify Health and is responsible for their operational excellence across the company.

In our conversation we discuss:

  • His background
  • How he got into the healthcare industry
  • His role and the company mission at Signify Health
  • His top recommendations for other leaders in the field

Passion and value: Finding the intersection of what you love and the value that it can bring to others with mark Longo (#29)

Today’s guest is Chief Technology Officer of Sirona Medical, Mark Longo. After his undergraduate studies, Mark discovered his passion for the sciences, which led him to Stanford where he completed his Ph.D. in evolutionary genetics. After Stanford, Mark entered the technology field, and then ultimately joined the Sirona team to further their mission of revolutionizing the radiology field.

During our conversation we discuss

  • His undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. studies
  • What led him into the healthcare field
  • Sirona Medical’s mission
  • His top recommendations for those in the health-tech industry

Be curious: Curiosity leads to learning and learning leads to growth with Michael O’Donnell (#28)

Today’s guest is healthcare leader and growth optimization expert, Michael O’Donnell. Mike started his career as a consultant and then moved into the physical therapy sector. Since then Mike has held a number of leadership roles covering operations, business development, and analytics, and he is currently the Vice President of Growth Optimization at Select Medical.

In our conversation we discuss:

  • His start as a consultant
  • Entering the physical therapy field
  • Learning by doing
  • His roles in growth optimization, analytics, and strategy
  • The most important characteristics for leaders
  • Top tips for those looking to grow in the industry

Prioritizing growth: Fostering your desire to learn and using it to guide you forward with Jansen Weaver (#27)

Today’s guest is healthcare leader and executive, Jansen Weaver. Jansen has an incredible background with many diverse experiences. He was a military intelligence officer and has an MBA and master’s in leadership. Throughout his career, he has spent time in investment banking, consulting, and healthcare strategy, and is currently the Chief of Staff at Headspace Health.

In our conversation we cover:

  • What sparked his original interest in healthcare
  • Why he decided to join the military
  • What drew him to the digital mental health sector
  • His philosophies on leadership
  • Key tips for those looking to move forward in their career

Interest and innovation: The power of curiosity and harnessing it for learning, growth, and success with Dr. Raymond Hwang (#26)

Today’s guest is spine surgeon, medical director at Hinge Health, venture partner, and advisor to many, Dr. Raymond Hwang. Dr. Hwang started his educational career in engineering and computer science at MIT prior to shifting his focus to the world healthcare. After completing medical and business school at Harvard he entered the musculoskeletal world where he is now a provider, leader, and innovator in the field.

In our conversation we talk about:

  • Why he made the switch from electrical engineering and computer science to medicine
  • What drew him to orthopedics
  • Becoming an advisor to many companies
  • Being a venture partner at NextGen Venture Partners
  • His role as the medical director at Hinge Health
  • His top recommendations for those looking to lead, innovate, and grow in the industry


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