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Be curious: Curiosity leads to learning and learning leads to growth with Michael O’Donnell (#28)

Today’s guest is healthcare leader and growth optimization expert, Michael O’Donnell. Mike started his career as a consultant and then moved into the physical therapy sector. Since then Mike has held a number of leadership roles covering operations, business development, and analytics, and he is currently the Vice President of Growth Optimization at Select Medical.

In our conversation we discuss:

  • His start as a consultant
  • Entering the physical therapy field
  • Learning by doing
  • His roles in growth optimization, analytics, and strategy
  • The most important characteristics for leaders
  • Top tips for those looking to grow in the industry

Prioritizing growth: Fostering your desire to learn and using it to guide you forward with Jansen Weaver (#27)

Today’s guest is healthcare leader and executive, Jansen Weaver. Jansen has an incredible background with many diverse experiences. He was a military intelligence officer and has an MBA and master’s in leadership. Throughout his career, he has spent time in investment banking, consulting, and healthcare strategy, and is currently the Chief of Staff at Headspace Health.

In our conversation we cover:

  • What sparked his original interest in healthcare
  • Why he decided to join the military
  • What drew him to the digital mental health sector
  • His philosophies on leadership
  • Key tips for those looking to move forward in their career

Interest and innovation: The power of curiosity and harnessing it for learning, growth, and success with Dr. Raymond Hwang (#26)

Today’s guest is spine surgeon, medical director at Hinge Health, venture partner, and advisor to many, Dr. Raymond Hwang. Dr. Hwang started his educational career in engineering and computer science at MIT prior to shifting his focus to the world healthcare. After completing medical and business school at Harvard he entered the musculoskeletal world where he is now a provider, leader, and innovator in the field.

In our conversation we talk about:

  • Why he made the switch from electrical engineering and computer science to medicine
  • What drew him to orthopedics
  • Becoming an advisor to many companies
  • Being a venture partner at NextGen Venture Partners
  • His role as the medical director at Hinge Health
  • His top recommendations for those looking to lead, innovate, and grow in the industry

The business of people: The psychology behind performance and progression with Nick Serio (#25)

Today’s guest is entrepreneur, performance, and leadership expert, Nick Serio. Nick has a background rooted in exercise science and kinesiology, a doctorate in sports psychology, and is the co-founder of Athletes Warehouse.

In our conversation we talk about:

  • His background in the musculoskeletal and performance world
  • The entrepreneurial process
  • The role that psychology plays in performance
  • His top leadership insights

Digital health innovation: Using technology to enhance care management and improve health for all patients with Robert Longyear (#24)

Today’s guest is healthcare thought leader, innovator, and Author, Robert Longyear. Robert is an executive at Avenue and Wanderly (two innovative digital health companies) and is the author of two healthcare books.

During our conversation, we discuss:

  • What sparked his passion for healthcare
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • How to improve care with digital tools
  • The role the motivation and empathy play in care management
  • What led him to write “Innovating for Wellness” and “A Virtual Care Blueprint”
  • His goals for the future

Making healthcare better: Identifying the stakeholders, understanding the different perspectives, and fostering collaboration to move the industry forward with Dr. Vinod Dasa (#23)

Today’s guest is orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Vinod Dasa. He is also an entrepreneur, innovator, and thought leader, that is very well known in the medical community. Aside from being a top-tier surgeon, Dr. Dasa is a cofounder of numerous companies and was recognized as a LinkedIn “Top Voice”.

During our conversation we cover everything from:

  • How he got into the healthcare industry
  • Learning all sides of the industry
  • What fostered his innovative drive
  • Connecting stakeholders to foster collaboration
  • The power of understanding differing perspectives
  • His goals for the future of healthcare


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