From Rail to Road to Ocean: Insights from a Freight Management Fanatic

How do supplies get from manufacturers on another continent to our loading docks? How many handoffs and modes of transportation are required to get products from point A to point B? From rail, to road, to ocean, Samantha Jones, VP of Revenue at Rocketshipping is a subject matter expert on all things freight management! We are all reliant on the shipping industry to move EVERY single product we buy for personal and professional use. Join Samantha as she discusses her path into the shipping business with Justin, Hays and Garry and learn how she has built an online social media presence that brings light to this critical industry. Supply chain leaders and anyone who orders products will learn about the of the vast network of logistics and freight operators who work day and night to ensure deliveries are made on time. Tune in and follow Samantha on LinkedIn for her industry insights!

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