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Without supplies there is no surgery. Without products there is no patient care. Welcome to Power Supply – the healthcare supply chain podcast focused on helping you navigate the intricacies of logistics, purchasing, contracting and supplier relationships. Each episode we speak with healthcare executives, supply chain leaders, and innovative entrepreneurs from across the country as they share their stories, experience and expertise on the industry we love. From the loading dock to strategic sourcing, for buyers to the C-Suite and across the enterprise — we tackle the real-life issues impacting the health care supply chain. Whether you’re tuning in for conversation or inspiration, we’re glad you’re here. You’re just in time to hear it from the source and stock up on insight, so sit back and plug into Power Supply…

Untapped Potential: The Real Opportunities in Inventory & Vendor Management

Listen in, then click here to take your Surgio test drive! https://www.surgio.com/offers/test-drive // Is it possible to have true alignment between Supply Chain & Sterile Processing around the challenges of vendor management & vendor inventory? What if you didn’t have to build these bridges alone? 

Joining us for this Power Supply Vendor Spotlight™ is Jeff Wertz, Chief Commercial Officer of Surgio Health to speak with us about the power of data & information to tap into the massive potential within Supply Chain, OR/Sterile Processing, and Vendor partnerships. There are many companies out there claiming to address this piece of the puzzle and that piece of the puzzle, but the team at Surgio Health goes beyond the symptoms of broken processes and works with healthcare facilities to get to the root of their vendor inventory issues to solve the real disease. Listen as Jeff describes how Surgio Health is removing the traditional barriers to entry to next-generation instrument tracking and applying a unique consultative approach to working with all members of the surgical workflow.

This is one conversation you won’t want to miss! 

To learn more about Surgio Health, visit http://surgio.com

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To book a demo, visit http://surgio-7926787.hs-sites.com/book-a-demo

or directly contact Jeff Wertz at jwertz@surgio.com

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Aligning Resources for Optimal Efficiencies in Healthcare Supply Chains

In today’s fast-paced and constantly changing healthcare industry, how do supply chain leaders face the challenge of aligning their resources to provide optimal efficiencies to meet the demands of their hospitals? What are the “5 Rights” of supply chain operations? How do healthcare supply chains learn from each other and promote self-learning to advance their own operations? Matt Putman, Director of Supply Chain Operations at UC Health, discusses the importance of the healthcare supply chain acting as the “offensive line” for the hospitals they serve. By properly aligning resources and promoting self-learning, the supply chain can play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of healthcare facilities. If you are a healthcare supply chain professional looking to improve your operations and increase efficiencies, be sure to check out Matt’s conversation with Justin, Hays and Garry for valuable insights and actionable steps you can take today. Do not miss this opportunity to learn from a seasoned industry expert and start making improvements in your own facility!


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From Rail to Road to Ocean: Insights from a Freight Management Fanatic

How do supplies get from manufacturers on another continent to our loading docks? How many handoffs and modes of transportation are required to get products from point A to point B? From rail, to road, to ocean, Samantha Jones, VP of Revenue at Rocketshipping is a subject matter expert on all things freight management! We are all reliant on the shipping industry to move EVERY single product we buy for personal and professional use. Join Samantha as she discusses her path into the shipping business with Justin, Hays and Garry and learn how she has built an online social media presence that brings light to this critical industry. Supply chain leaders and anyone who orders products will learn about the of the vast network of logistics and freight operators who work day and night to ensure deliveries are made on time. Tune in and follow Samantha on LinkedIn for her industry insights!

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Greenwashing: What is the True Nature of Resiliency?

Hospitals are pillars of health, healing and hope in our communities, but what impact do these facilities have on waste streams with so many single-use items? Has COVID changed the way we think about being good stewards of our limited resources and challenged the linear consumption model with a move towards resiliency and a circular economy model where possible? What can a hospital really control?

In this episode Rick Ferreira, CEO of Innovative Health, meets with Justin, Hays and Garry to discuss the relationship between resiliency and sustainability, and explains hospitals can really only control two things 1) labor costs and 2) supply costs. Learn how single use device reprocessing can bring about significant savings, reduce healthcare’s carbon footprint, and secure a reliable source of these critical but limited supplies.

Reprocessing must be a top strategy for the healthcare supply chain and Rick leads this awesome discussion on building sustainability AND resiliency into the health care supply chain through reprocessing.

This is a discussion you DO NOT want to miss, tune in and get industry leading ideas and strategies to move your organization forward – this is the future!

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I Can See Clearly Now: Gain Instant Visibility into Expiration Dates Using the UDI

How can hospitals reduce waste, recover dollars, and find sustainable solutions? How long does your manual physical inventory count process take?

Do you require clinical staff to help count inventory, which takes them away from patient care activities during these constant workforce shortages? Does your manual inventory count give you visibility into expiration dates, lot numbers, and reference numbers?

It’s time to discard those stacks of paper inventory sheets, use the JUDI tool and start instantly scanning your inventory into a cloud-based database that provides immediate insights into your inventory!

In this episode, we meet with Ashlea Souffrou, CEO and Founder of SxanPro. Tune in as we learn about the amazing SxanPro technology that makes the process of obtaining accurate inventory data quick, change out date information to expiration date information, change to inventory through a mobile app with no IT integration needed!

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Suzi Does Supply Chain: Can Supply Chain Impact HCAHPS Scores?

Supply chain interacts with basically every area of healthcare, but can these teams also help improve HCAHPS scores? Suzi Collins joins Justin Poulin, Garry Skinner and Hays Waldrop to discuss how she’s using social media to reach and develop her team into valuable drivers of staff and patient satisfaction. Suzi outlines the importance of effective communication and teaching her team to have a proactive mindset to address problems quickly and help minimize challenges moving forward. Supply chain is uniquely positioned to help drive change that let clinical teams focus on delivering patient care instead of other tasks like inventory and order management, which take time away from bedside care. Tune in as Suzi promotes positivity and staff development through her role in supply chain delivering what she aptly calls “Pure Friggin’ Magic”!

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