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Without supplies there is no surgery. Without products there is no patient care. Welcome to Power Supply – the healthcare supply chain podcast focused on helping you navigate the intricacies of logistics, purchasing, contracting and supplier relationships. Each episode we speak with healthcare executives, supply chain leaders, and innovative entrepreneurs from across the country as they share their stories, experience and expertise on the industry we love. From the loading dock to strategic sourcing, for buyers to the C-Suite and across the enterprise — we tackle the real-life issues impacting the health care supply chain. Whether you’re tuning in for conversation or inspiration, we’re glad you’re here. You’re just in time to hear it from the source and stock up on insight, so sit back and plug into Power Supply…

Contagious Contracting: Integrating Infection Control into your Value Analysis Process

With infection control and prevention taking center stage in healthcare over the last several years, how involved have your IP colleagues been in product evaluations and sourcing strategies? On this unique interview,  Dr. Hudson Garrett and Karen Niven (President Elect of AVHAP) join Hays Waldrop, Garry Skinner and Justin Poulin to talk about the critical synergies between these two groups. 

What levels of involvement does IP have in your supply chain decisions? What are the common challenges in collaborating between these teams? Listen to this episode and see how IP professionals can bring the value, identify opportunities for integration and offer up best practices & key performance indicators to ensure and measure success. 

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Direct to Consumer: Where Have All The Middle Men Gone?

Consumers have become much more informed and savvy with the evolution of technology.  In the past, your primary care provider would order durable medical equipment but in the past few years we have seen patients working directly with the manufacturers.  On this Season 2, Episode 2 of Power Supply, Jennifer Stango joins Hays Waldrop, Garry Skinner and Justin Poulin to discuss the impact this shift towards direct to consumer (D2C) will have on the traditional model of sourcing and logistics in healthcare. 

Listen to this episode and see how D2C is also driven by the trend towards virtual and hybrid care by providers.  People don’t want to be patients anymore, they are consumers and they want to participate in their care!

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A Harm-Free 21st Century – Medical Device Recalls Built for Today’s Providers

Is it time to recall your medical device recall process? Medical device recall alerts have been managed the same way since the very beginning of their use — but what is changing is the substantial increase in the volume of alerts over the past 10 years. Guillermo Ramas, Founder of NotiSphere joins us for this Power Supply Vendor Spotlight™ to talk about how he has created a win-win solution for suppliers and providers to move recall alerts and acknowledgements to an electronic platform that costs the providers nothing and delivers significant savings for suppliers. The biggest win is for the patient, by removing alert fatigue for recall coordinators and delivering only the relevant alerts much faster! The current recall process is not only inefficient and slow, it’s incredible costly and bad for the environment. But, where there is waste, there is opportunity. Tune in to hear how NotiSphere is taking this opportunity to the next level in hospitals across the country.

Learn more by visiting www.notisphere.com

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Greening the Operating Room: Highlighting Healthcare Sustainability Opportunities

What impact has the delivery of healthcare had on our environment?  Has your hospital or health system made an ongoing commitment to healthcare sustainability?  On this Season 2, Episode 1 premiere of the Power Supply podcast, Scott Rich joins Hays Waldrop, Garry Skinner and Justin Poulin just one week ahead of the CleanMed conference to share his perspective on how to implement an environmentally preferable purchasing program. 

We hope you can tune in for some easy sustainability wins today that will help you build towards a greener vision for tomorrow!

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Near When You Need Them: Hacking the Disposable Tourniquets Supply Chain

What is “nearshoring” and how can it solve many of your most pressing healthcare supply chain issues? On this Power Supply Vendor Spotlight™ we highlight Caresfield, an organization that began serving in the niche of healthcare labels, but eventually grew into disposable tourniquets, patient ID bands, cohesive bandages and specimen collection products. Nick Fruge, VP of Operations joins Justin Poulin for this Vendor Spotlight™ to talk about this US based manufacturer which was the first to launch a tourniquet line with a variety of bright colors to reduce the risk of leave-on accidents and serves the healthcare industry with heart. The need for manufacturing sustainability in healthcare was a hard lesson we all learned during the pandemic, as many struggled to manage the high volume of backorders facing our hospitals. Tune in to hear about a company who is working to be “near” when you need them!

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Taking it Personal: Asset Management & the World’s First ANAB Accredited ISO 55001 Hospital

What is the difference between real property and personal property in healthcare?  While the initial tag for real property may seem the most costly, did you know that personal property often costs more than real property?  How does your organization manage personal property in terms of maintaining an accurate inventory, tracking the assets and accounting for depreciation?  On this episode of the Power Supply podcast, Arthur Kurland joins Hays Waldrop, Garry Skinner and Justin Poulin to paint a true picture of personal property, offer up some best practices for asset management throughout the lifecycle, and shares a success story from the front lines about obtaining ISO 55001 certification!

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