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Without supplies there is no surgery. Without products there is no patient care. Welcome to Power Supply – the healthcare supply chain podcast focused on helping you navigate the intricacies of logistics, purchasing, contracting and supplier relationships. Each episode we speak with healthcare executives, supply chain leaders, and innovative entrepreneurs from across the country as they share their stories, experience and expertise on the industry we love. From the loading dock to strategic sourcing, for buyers to the C-Suite and across the enterprise — we tackle the real-life issues impacting the health care supply chain. Whether you’re tuning in for conversation or inspiration, we’re glad you’re here. You’re just in time to hear it from the source and stock up on insight, so sit back and plug into Power Supply…

AHRMM SME podcast featuring Bill Brewer

This week on the AHRMM Subject Matter Expert Podcast, host Justin Poulin sits down with Bill Brewer, Vice President of Procurement and Supply Chain Optimization at Advocate Health. Together, they dive into the crucial topic of environmental sustainability within the healthcare supply chain. From defining indirect emissions and Scope 3 to discussing the pivotal role of supply chain professionals as agents of climate change action, we’ll explore practical strategies for driving positive change. Tune in to discover how you can help pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future in healthcare supply chain.

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Supply Chain Customer Service: The Art of Follow-Up and Accountability

Is customer service and follow-up really becoming a lost art? This week on the Power Supply podcast, Alan Edwards, Vice President of Supply Chain Solutions Group at Mary Washington Healthcare, joins us to explore the art of mastering customer service and the importance of follow-up in healthcare supply chain. Tune in as Alan shares his strategies and best practices for maintaining exceptional customer service standards and encouraging a culture of accountability for supply chain and beyond. From the importance of clear communication to the strategies for effective team management, we’ll explore innovative solutions for building a culture of excellence that not only meets but exceeds customer service expectations. We’re going “back to the basics” of customer service and follow-up in this can’t-miss episode!

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The Frontline’s Perspective on Achieving Supply Chain Resilience

How are healthcare supply chains evolving post-pandemic, and what innovations are leading the charge? Find out in this exciting new episode from the Power Supply podcast, featuring Tom Coleman and Michelle Colacion from Deloitte Consulting. Drawing from their groundbreaking presentation at the annual AHRMM conference, Tom and Michelle join us to reveal the essential role frontline professionals play in supply chain resilience and innovation. Tune in as we explore how the pandemic has been a catalyst for change, prompting healthcare organizations to rethink inventory management, reshape supplier relationships, embrace cross-collaboration, and leverage new technologies. We’ll not only look back at the challenges overcome but also chart the course for a future where supply chain resilience is paramount. Join us for this thrilling adventure into the future of healthcare supply chain!

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Weathering the Storm: Your Guide to Emergency Preparedness in Supply Chain

Has your hospital ever faced challenges from unpredictable weather or a natural disaster? Did you have time to prepare, or were you forced to ride out the storm? When the unexpected disrupts our transportation and supply chains, it can have a significant impact on our healthcare systems. Supply chain superstars Suzi Collins, Brian Bartel, and Justin Poulin join forces to tackle emergency preparedness in the healthcare supply chain industry. With recent winter storms causing disruptions to transportation routes and supply chains across the country, this trio will share their first-hand experiences with supply shortages, delivery disruptions, and the challenges of preparing for the unexpected. Tune in to discover how you can best prepare your healthcare facility to weather the storm and keep your patients safe in times of crisis.

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AHRMM SME podcast featuring Preston Hall

In this AHRMM Subject Matter Expert Podcast episode, Preston Hall, AHRMM Fellow and supply chain veteran, joins Justin Poulin for an inside look into the prestigious AHRMM Fellowship program. Tune in to hear Preston share insights from his own Fellowship experience while highlighting key program requirements applications should consider when applying for the program. You’ll also discover how participating in the AHRMM Fellowship program can help establish participants as experts and leaders in the healthcare supply chain industry. Don’t miss out, tune in today!

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Engage, Empower, Excel: Navigating Supply Chain Leadership Triumphs

This week on the Power Supply podcast, we’re unlocking the secrets of teamwork, passion, and purpose with Andrei Armanca, System Procurement Manager at Ochsner Health. As a competitive athlete turned innovative leader, Andrei shares his playbook for cultivating an authentic work environment where professional growth and engagement thrive. From piloting organizational change to thoughtful employee recognition, Andrei outlines his best practices for building trust, facilitating authenticity, and sparking passion, to help employees find meaning in their contributions. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or aspiring to join the leadership ranks, this episode will inspire you to motivate, develop, and empower your team to excellence!

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