Fulfilling Needs For The Patient and The Practice: How To Use Passion To Show Your Product’s Value and Drive Your Company Forward with Marla Ranieri (#13)

In this episode, I spoke with the Chief Development Officer of Better PT, Marla Ranieri. Marla started her career as a physical therapist but always had the entrepreneurial itch. After taking on an advanced role in her practice, she took the initiative to found a home exercise app in her “free time”. Shortly thereafter, her talents were noticed by the Better PT team and she decided to take the leap to lead all growth efforts for the company. Today Better PT is backed by HSS and used by some of the top Physical Therapy practices and EMR companies in the country.

In our conversation we covered:

  • How Marla got into the healthcare industry
  • What fueled her entrepreneurial spirit and pushed her to found a home exercise app
  • Her recommendations for those looking to get involved in the healthcare technology space
  • What it takes to be a successful Chief Development Officer



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