Glad You Asked: Q&A with an Infection Control Practitioner on the ONE TRAY

What is the shelf life of a ONE TRAY® container? Why is everyone so confused about things like load documentation, cycle times, and water? Joining us on this week’s Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ series is Melissa McVaugh, Infection Preventionist at Standardized Sterilization Concepts (SSC), to talk about the most common questions users encounter in the field during onboarding the device, training new staff, and passing accreditation surveys. In this episode, Melissa clears up some of the misunderstandings out there regarding current guidelines and important terms that every reprocessing professional should know.

Whether you’re thinking through cycle times, expiry dating, or anything else in between, this interview will help equip you with frontline experience and successful survey conversations so that you can educate your SPD, OR, vendor, and survey teams with confidence. 

For any queries or additional information, reach out to ONE TRAY®/IST at or call them at 937-619-0138. Don’t forget to follow the ONE TRAY® IFU for use. Also, stay connected on LinkedIn and Facebook for updates!

Also, feel free to contact Barbara Ann Harmer, Vice President of Clinical Services at ONE TRAY®/IST, who was a surveyor for 25 years and can answer your clinical questions or help with answering questions on AAMI ST79, policies and procedures and surveying techniques. She can be reached at





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