Going Beyond Opioids: Understanding Clinical Aromatherapy

Is clinical aromatherapy the right choice for your surgical patient? In this final episode of Season 11, we’re joined by Melissa Vibberts, Director of Brand Management, and Laurel Flanagan, Clinical Product Specialist & Certified Aromatherapist with Elequil Aromatabs aromatherapy by Beekley Medical.

In this episode, Melissa and Laurel share their journeys into the world of aromatherapy, highlighting how they connected this practice with healthcare to enhance patient outcomes. Join us as they dive into the properties and uses of specific essential oils like lavender, peppermint, orange, and sandalwood, and as they discuss the 2018 Joint Commission mandate and ERAS protocols that support the integration of essential oils in clinical settings. We’ll also learn how essential oils are effective in reducing postoperative pain and alleviating queasiness and anxiousness in surgical patients.

As we continue “Going Beyond Opioids”, this interview underscores the importance of implementing complementary, non-opioid modalities in surgical care that are backed by robust scientific research. Don’t miss this exciting conclusion to Season 11!

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