Guide to Success: Become Audit Ready with the SPM™ Endo Workflow Solution

How do you ensure your endoscopes are procedure and audit-ready, going beyond the simple tracking of endoscopes across your facility? What if you had a guide to help your team walk through the complete endoscope reprocessing loop?

On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ series, we sit down with Amanda Prussing, SPM® Product Manager at STERIS, to discuss the SPM® Endo Workflow Solution, which supports all scope management processes, whether based on terminal sterilization or high-level disinfection. We dive into the value of guided workflows created in this solution which marry the IFUs and reprocessing requirements of your scope inventory with the reprocessing capabilities of your department.

Tune in to hear how SPM® Endo helps you produce safe, effective, quality confirming outcomes for your scope processing procedures.

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