Healthcare Data Series 1/4: How is Komodo Health Gathering and Analysing Health Data of the Whole US Population?

The words healthcare data carry many associations: from frustrations around data interoperability, outrage about the value and monetization of healthcare data, anger due to poor access to medical records by patients, and we could go on. 

In the next few episodes, you will hear a little bit more about healthcare data management in the US healthcare system. We’re starting with a discussion recorded at HLTH 2022, where Arif Nathoo – CEO of Komodo Health describes how the company plans to capture and de-identify every encounter patients have with the US healthcare system. Komodo Health is currently tracking individual encounters with the healthcare system for over 330 million patients. Companies such as Pfizer, AppliedVR, Turquoise Health, Janssen, and others, use Komnodo’s de-identified patient-level data and insights to inform drug development, discovery, clinical trials, clinical research, and innovation. 


Make sure to subscribe to the podcast to be notified about new episodes automatically! In the next episode, you will hear why Palantir Foundy is betting on open data standards in healthcare, what a few healthcare data management vendors think about the current state of interoperability and data governance, and more.


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