Healthcare IT, Physician Liaison Reporting & Marketing Intersect w/ Ben Blake of Systeem Medical #130

Ben Blake is the Sales & Marketing Manager at Systeem Medical Information Systems. They help medical practices find secure, reliable, and scalable Managed IT Services, Helpdesk, and EHR Support.

In today’s episode, Ben explains the importance of having an IT provider specializing in medical IT and the role IT solutions play for your marketing and physician referral development. Ben also shares his experiences as a physician liaison and leaves us with actionable advice on how to improve your network and connection with other physician liaisons.

[00:01 – 08:39] Opening Segment

  • I introduce the guest, Benjamin Blake
  • Ben gives a bit of background about himself
    • Sales and marketing manager for an IT company for Medical Practices
  • Ben shares his journey into the healthcare industry
    • How he got into healthcare marketing
    • Became a physician liaison
  • Pillars of marketing
    • Online marketing
    • Internal marketing
    • External marketing
    • Referral or shoe leather marketing

[08:40 – 20:32] Technology & IT Infrastructures

  • How Ben’s experience as a physician liaison has guided his career in healthcare
  • The technology side in medical practices are often being overlooked
  • Ben talks about the history of Systeem Medical
  • Shortcomings in healthcare’s IT space
  • Systeem Medical’s role in the Healthcare Industry
  • Underutilized parts of the Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)
    • Reporting
    • Patient Portal
    • Telemedicine

[20:33 – 27:58] Security Measures

  • Medical Practices should focus on the following:
    • IT Providers – must specialize in medical IT
    • Phishing emails
    • Publishing too much information online
    • KnowBe4

[27:59 – 33:41] Improving Patient Experience

  • Healthcare marketing combined with IT solutions
  • Physician referrals

[33:42 – 40:51] Closing Segment

  • Ben gives physician liaisons excellent advice on how they can better connect with other liaisons on the field.
    • Don’t be afraid to say hello.
    • Show how you can provide value.
  • Every practice needs a HIPAA SRA done at least annually.
    • Here’s a free offer from Ben for your medical IT assessment! See below on how you can avail.


Tweetable Quotes:

“As a physician liaison, the tactics and once you get it can be applied to really any specialty in any medical practice and any location at any size.” – Ben Blake

“Making actions based on data is crucial but can really lead to long-term success.” – Ben Blake

“With LinkedIn and social media and how easy it is to find people. You need to not be afraid to go out there and reach out to them and say hello and then provide value to them.” – Ben Blake


Resources Mentioned:


To get the free medical IT assessment offer from Ben and Systeem Medical, visit their website or you can call Ben on his mobile 469 573 4810.

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