Help for Surgical Professionals: Discover the Key to OR Education, Training, & Productivity

It’s no secret that onboarding new staff is a very resource-intensive process. Traditionally, new hires are at the mercy of their trainer’s experience and competency level, and it can be challenging to ensure that every new surgical resident, surgical technician or OR circulator is receiving a thorough orientation. We need to be able to train our new employees consistently, thoroughly, and effectively – but how?  

In this First Case Vendor Spotlight, join us in discovering Incision Academy and Incision Assist – two technologies that can improve the resource efficiency of onboarding all surgical personnel. Tune in as we explore the platforms that were built BY healthcare professionals FOR healthcare professionals. With over 600 courses, Incision Academy covers everything from safety, to procedures, to devices and skills. Their high-quality videos with 3D inlays and animations are laid out in a step-by-step, easy to follow format, and all are mapped to ASA and AST core curriculum. Incision Academy supports innovative online training and can be complemented with on-the-job support through Incision Assist. Incision Assist contains all preference cards and information needed to be optimally prepared for a day in the OR. Everyone on the team can maintain and update cards, which means that communication across the surgical team will be improved. Let Incision help you improve your education, training, and productivity – tune in to learn how!  

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