Hospital at Home: IoT Enabled Healthcare

Episodes NOW CEC APPROVED for AHRMM members! // What if there was an option to care for your loved one at home, rather than in a hospital? What if Iot (Internet of Things) could connect various smart devices and enable them to work harmoniously to provide a safe and secure network to monitor a patient from the comfort of their own home? What if this technology could provide a more transparent healthcare ecosystem and help drive down the cost of care? Join the conversation today with Garry and Justin as they talk with Kristen Miles, VP of Healthcare Product Strategy at Oracle about this new and innovative approach that is being developed to provide a “hospital at home”. With the advancement of technology and telemedicine, healthcare providers are working on ways to offer a wide range of medical services from the comfort of your own home allowing patients to save money on transportation costs and reduce the risk of exposure to illnesses in crowded waiting rooms. You don’t want to miss out on this episode of the future of healthcare – listen today! 

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