Hosted by Dr. Scott Sigman- Dr. Vladyslav Kozanchuk

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This is a special episode with Ukrainian born and bred orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Vladyslav Kozanchuk with specialties in hip, knee and shoulder arthroplasty.

This is one of our most impactful episodes being in the trenches of war in Ukraine. It was a challenge getting Dr. Kozanchuk on for this episode in-between the blackouts and having good cell service to call in. Dr. Kozanchuk showed up to the recording with a smile on his face and immense pride for his country. He says “We won’t surrender. Russia won’t win. We will win.” He discusses the pride for all the soldiers on the front lines and support Ukraine receives globally.

Topics include:

-On our recording day, there are 267 injured soldiers in the ward with a train of another 100 wounded soldiers coming in later that night. With a curfew from 11p-5a, there are some nights Dr. Kozanchuk doesn’t make it home and needs to wait until the curfew is lifted in the morning. In addition to the wounded soldiers, there are ongoing elective surgeries within their National Health Service.

– Dr. Kozanchuk provides a shout out to Dr. Kenji Inaba from Keck Medicine and Dr. Gregory Beilman from University of Minnesota for traveling to his hospital and providing their services during the war.

Find out more about Dr. Vladyslav Kozanchuk here.



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