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“When you get out of bed, give the best you can. By the end of the day, ask yourself if you were meaningful.”

Insightful words from this week’s episode with Dr. Michell Ruiz, a world-renowned sports medicine surgeon who thinks in a meaningful, philosophical and spiritual way. Dr. Ruiz practices in Mexico City at the Department of Surgery in Elbow and Shoulder at the National Institute of Rehabilitation. He is the upcoming Director of their Shoulder and Elbow fellowship and is the current President of the Mexico Shoulder and Elbow Society.

This is an impactful episode discussing Dr. Ruiz’s journey consulting around the world when his son was diagnosed with autism. After intensive research and implementing exercise and immuno-metabolic therapies, his son is thriving in his own way. He’s non-verbal, but loves to write and is a typical adolescent 11-year old with a girlfriend. With his love of writing, he’s publishing his first book on April 2nd, which is Autism Awareness Day. This diagnosis has shaped how Dr. Ruiz practices medicine and how he relates to others.

Other topics include:

-AANA Traveling Fellowship experience that was coast-to-coast in the U.S.

-His drive with research and education continuing on with Master’s in Sciences with tissue engineering and Ph.D. in Tendon Inflammation

Find out more about Dr. Michell Ruiz here.

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