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We’re not sure when our next guest sleeps. Dr. Antonia Chen has so much energy and in her short 7 years in clinical practice, she’s an outstanding surgeon and researcher with 270+ peer reviewed articles, 250 presentations and 45 books/book chapters. She is the Director of Research for the Division of Adult Reconstruction and Total Joint Arthroplasty in theDepartment of Orthopaedic Surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) who specializes in hip and knee replacements. She is board certified in Orthopaedic Surgery, and her clinical practice is focused on taking care of patients with arthritic hips and knees, as well as avascular necrosis. In addition to primary hip and knee replacements and partial knee replacements, she also specializes in the care ofcomplex patients who may require revision procedures or further treatment of their previous hip and knee replacements. Topics include:

-Can you believe she got her MBA and Medical Degree concurrently?!

-Her residency at Pitt and how she found the winding path to research

-Finding her balance on the clinical side with surgery and research

-Patient advice with most important research findings in joint replacement. What can I do to prevent infections? Her research is now looking into things such as Vitamin D, sugar levels and reduction in smoking to improve outcomes in patients

-Advice for improving outcomes for those surgeons doing joint replacement with robotics

Find out more about Dr. Antonia Chen here.


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