Hosted by Dr. Scott Sigman – “The Bearded Brand Man”

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We’re pivoting this episode from the classic orthopedic surgeon story and we’re moving into value for the surgeon and medical device reps. We have on Matthew Ray Scott, also known as The Bearded One and The Brand Man. He is Managing Director and Principal of FEED. The Agency. He helps surgeons and medical device companies differentiate themselves from the sea of sameness. Topics include:

-How he formed FEED. The Agency. At FEED, they align with specialty surgeons who want to avoid the money pit of traditional marketing. They encourage doctors who are trying to prove they are the better to pivot to prove how they are different to attract more ideal patients. One aspect is through their Brand Rx audit. Brand Rx helps deliver outcomes that matter most through brand awareness, new patients, more referrals, more five-star online reviews, andmore repeat patients.

-We discuss the 6 P’s: Pain, Perspective, Problem Solving, People, Process and Place.

-Matthew’s time in the U.S. Army where he learned formative leadership experience and moved outside his comfort zone to be able to embrace discomfort.

-PitchPro: It’s like Shark Tank, but for orthopreneurs. Both Matthew Ray Scott and Dr. Scott Sigman are panelists on PitchPro and discuss the view from their side. PitchPro is an opportunity for early development or growth stage companies to pitch their innovation to a panel of experts. The expert panelist role is to provide key questions, advice and guidance to the companies. Companies will get recognized quickly from the panelist reach to amplify key messaging. The panelists want to keep engaging with the companies after the video stops rolling to continue to offer advice and follow how they’re doing. Find out more about PitchPro here.

Find out more about Matthew Ray Scott here.


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