How Are Drones in Malawi Solving Medical Supply Chain Challenges?

Africa is a huge continent with 1.2 billion people and a diverse set of countries. Healthcare systems are generally poor, with workforce and supply chain struggles, and infrastructure challenges such as power outages.

In this episode you will hear about how drones are used in Malawi for healthcare delivery.

Herbert Weirather is the CEO of Jedsy – a technology company based in Switzerland with the ultimate aim of designing and developing high-end multipurpose drones. Jedsy is present in Switzerland, Malawi, India and Brazil. In this discussion, Herbert explained:

  • What challenges are present in the medical supply chain in Africa,
  • Which stakeholders does the company work with, what’s their business model,
  • and why there is no such thing as competition in the medical supply drone delivery space, because healthcare needs all the help it can get. 





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