How Do Nursing And Cybersecurity Go Together? (Marylyn Harris)

Marylyn Harris, RN, MSN, MBA is a Cybersecurity Consultant, Speaker, Writer and Social Entrepreneur. Harris is a decorated (former) U.S. Army Nurse and Gulf War Veteran. She was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army in 1992 and pursued a Master’s degree in psychiatric mental health nursing. After working as a sales rep for pharmaceutical companies she dove into healthcare IT and has been immersed in the cybersecurity space for the last few years. In this episode, she talks about: 

  • how does it feel to work in a war and the consequences a deployment has
  • how can we as a society improve attitude towards mental health and coping
  • why are nurses perfect cybersecurity experts
  • what are the basic cybersecurity practices everyone should know? 

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