How Is Patient Data Consolidated and Presented to Doctors in the US? (Reveleer)

In the United States, individuals’ healthcare information is dispersed among various healthcare providers. But many companies have been working on creating consolidated patient views, Reveleer being one of them. 

Data fragmentation often occurs because people tend to switch healthcare providers when they change jobs and, as a result, their health insurance plans. Since insurance companies have specific networks of affiliated healthcare providers, a change in insurance necessitates a change in providers. Because providers use different information technology systems, individual healthcare data becomes compartmentalized and difficult to consolidate.

In this episode, Jay Ackerman, CEO and president of Reveleer, a healthcare technology workflow, data, and analytics company, supporting payers and risk-bearing providers in their value-based care programs, explained:

  • how Reveleer consolidates patient data to give clinicians a single overview of the patient, 
  • what are the biggest pain points in healthcare data management in the US,
  • how is generative AI affecting Reveleer’s product development? 

Discussion transcription:

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