How Soft Skills Make You Strong: Perfecting the Art of Storytelling to Close More Accounts

You’re dishing out indisputable data that proves you have a superior product—so why aren’t docs responding rationally to it? Stop spinning your wheels and start spinning yarns, says John Livesay, award-winning sales professional and author of “The Sale Is in the Tale.” We caught up with the “the Pitch Whisperer” himself to discuss how the most successful pitch artists in MedTech tell clear, concise, and compelling stories that their customers can repeat in that often-overlooked ‘meeting after the meeting.’ Join us to learn the four-part formula for translating stats into a captivating narrative that lets your customers’ frustrations and aspirations take center stage.

In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • How empathy and engaging body language up your likeability factor


  • Simple tricks to make your story stronger (e.g., present tense > past tense). 


  • How to break the habit of telling stories that lack meaningful resolutions


  • Why you should use the ‘5-5-5 rule’ to be a progressionist, not a perfectionist


Plus, we dig into the neuroscience behind our brains’ inability to conceptualize the word ‘don’t.’



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