How Surgeons Should Market Their Specialty to Patients w/ Kim Rodgers of Medtronics Spine #129

Today we had the pleasure of speaking with the Senior Product Manager of Medtronic Spine & Biologics, Kim Rodgers. Kim manages the digital direct to consumer (patient) marketing strategy for the US Marketing team. Strategies involve owned, earned, and paid media sources. 

Kim joins us today to discuss how you can improve your Google rankings by employing the tips and strategies she’ll share with us on this episode.

[00:01 – 12:20] Opening Segment

  • Kim Rodgers talks about her role in Medtronic
  • The biggest issues providers are facing when connecting with patients
  • The role that a practitioner’s website plays
  • How to know if your website is effective
    • The value of Google Analytics
    • Geolocation and Important Conversion Metrics 
  • Kim’s recommendations for better Search Engine Optimization
    • Google yourself – do some research
    • Consistency

[12:21 – 17:57] Increase Traffic to Your Business

  • Kim talks about Google My Business
    • Your gateway to being found locally through local search
    • The more you can fill-out and complete, the better you’re going to perform

[17:58 – 23:38] Reputation is Everything

  • We talk about the importance of REVIEWS to your business
    • Help patients decide if you’re the one they are looking for
    • Good reviews increase patient confidence and attract more consumers
    • Negative reviews help you grow as a business
  • Leverage software and technology

[23:39 – 30:25] Let Your Voice Be Heard

  • Kim talks about how providers can effectively get their voice out to the world
    • Social Media presence
    • Create a website that points back to the institution where they practice
  • Make sure that your field of expertise is showcased

[30:26 – 38:59] Closing Segment

  • Kim talks about the resources Medtronic provides to answer their clients’ questions and help them navigate the waters of healthcare evolution
  • Focus on how you’re being represented online
  • Create the foundation of your “house.”
  • Kim answers: How are you staying engaged during COVID with your team?


Tweetable Quotes:

“Reviews to me are very important because it shows that you’re real. It also is an extension of someone else’s experience and it’s building an advocacy for you.” – Kim Rodgers

“The last thing you want is for them to find you and get to your website and not feel confident that they’ve clicked that link and found the right person.” – Kim Rodgers


Resources Mentioned:


You can connect with Kim on LinkedIn. Visit their website


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