How to Be the Most Hirable Rep in the Room: Elevating Professionalism, Seizing Opportunity

What does it take to get noticed by the biggest names in MedTech in 2022? Whether you’re after compensation that’s commensurate with your skillset or simply crave a more adventurous role, you’ll need get inside the minds of hiring managers. Luckily, that’s exactly where premier MedTech recruiter David Bagga spends a ton of his time. We sat down with the author of “A Millennial’s Guide to Breaking into Medical Device Sales” to find the pulse of the job market and discuss pandemic-era trends. Join us as we explore the surprising reason why start-ups are the most requested placement among candidates right now, the kind of candidate that today’s hiring managers never want to see, and some deal-breaking social media faux pas to avoid.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Strategies for better utilizing your LinkedIn network
  • Why David avoids placing candidates in aesthetic jobs
  • The top 5 things that cause reps to look for greener pastures
  • Why everyone has a brand now, for better or worse (and how to manage yours)
  • The truth behind expensive MedTech skill courses that promise you a job

Plus, we define the ‘curse of knowledge’—and why you need to break it to land a better role.



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