How to Build a Top-Rated Digital Health Companion, with Omri Shor, CEO of Medisafe

Today’s interview is with Omri Shor, the Chief Executive Officer of Medisafe, a digital health application that has over 49K top ratings on the App Store.

Medisafe is an evidenced-based digital therapeutics company providing medication management solutions for patients. Medisafe uses their application solution to help patients manage their medication intake, and has gained over 7 million users across iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, who have recorded over 4 billion medication doses taken correctly. Nearly 250,000 users have rated the app an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars in the iTunes and Google Play app stores. The company also provides its partners the opportunity to engage each patient on an individual level, supporting them throughout the entire patient journey, and provides unique insights on patterns critical for improving the patient experience. Medisafe had shown over numerous studies, both retrospective with tens of thousands of patients, that its solutions improve adherence by up to 20%.

A few topics we cover:

1.) What inspired the idea of building a medication management application?

2.) How did you scale your user base and what kept users loyal to the platform?

3.) How did timing play in your growth as a digital therapeutics company, especially venture capital opportunities?

4.) How did you prioritize building a team over the course of scaling the company?

5.) What do you envision the future of healthcare to look like? How does digital therapeutics play a role in that?

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