How to Fight Status Quo in Your MedTech Sales Opportunities

Status quo—two small words that form massive barriers in sales. How do you dethrone a king-of-the-hill competitor when you know they’ll retaliate with price adjustments and sole-source contracts? Axonics Modulation Technologies VP Trent Campbell has been both David and Goliath in this scenario. While status quo may be the incumbent’s greatest weapon—it’s also their biggest weakness. In this interview, we discuss how new challengers with a disruptive technology can turn the tide by having a brave “clinical champion” in their corner and win with a focus on long-term value.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to devise a pricing strategy for a market that’s been conditioned by your competitor
  • Why selling on price alone is a losing strategy
  • Tips for creating consistent messaging keeping committees and department heads in mind
  • Why Trent jumped into a national/corporate accounts role instead of pursuing sales management

Plus, we explore why reps should stop regurgitating sales decks and become more courageous listeners.  

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