How to Influence Shared Decision Making in the Exam Room

Jason Elmore is the Sr. Manager of Sales and Training Development at NeoTract. With extensive experience in med device startups as well as with the world’s largest medical device and pharmaceutical companies, he knows a thing or two about the patient journey. In this episode, Jason enlightens us on the increasingly popular concept of shared decision making in medicine — and tells us how becoming a key player in the patient’s clinical pathway is one of the best things a MedTech sales rep can do.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why the patient should have a hand in selecting their treatment pathway
  • How to make your medical professional customers “teachers” so they can better interact with their patients
  • The importance of tracking and celebrating your results
  • Why you’re missing an opportunity if you haven’t rethought and adjusted your value proposition for the COVID environment

Plus, we create a diagnostic tool to show MedTech reps what to look for when assessing the clinical pathway.

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