How to Use LinkedIn to Increase B2B Sales w/ Steven Perchikov #125

In today’s episode, we are joined by the sales expert, co-founder of, Steven Perchikov.  Steve is a master of B2B pipeline development and social selling. We are talking about how healthcare organizations can develop valuable B2B sales strategies by leveraging LinkedIn.

Let’s jump into Steven’s interview where we focus on helping the healthcare community learn how to use LinkedIn as an effective tool for marketing.

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 04:28] Opening Segment

  • We introduce the guest, Steven Perchikov to the show
  • Steven talks about his career background and how he got into the entrepreneurial world 
    • He has a sales consultancy in a LinkedIn agency called Art Of Sales Academy. See below for the link.
    • He helps b2b businesses generate more opportunities and sales
  • Steven shares some of the outreach strategies to develop an outbound system.


[04:29 – 14:42] Positioning Yourself on LinkedIn For Success

  • What about LinkedIn makes it so different when it comes to social media marketing?
    • Steven explains the main differentiator of LinkedIn compared to other platforms is that it is a place where businesses hang out exclusively, and it’s the highest value social networking platform that anyone can leverage. 
  • How do you structure a really good hook when selling or using direct outreach and messaging on LinkedIn?
    • Steven shares with us the different personality types and different strategies in building community and increasing engagement with clients. 
  • What are some of your advice for people getting started on LinkedIn? 
    • Listen to Steven’s valuable advice for people like you who want to optimize their professional business profile on LinkedIn.  
    • Start building your list. 
    • The fastest track to getting appointments on your calendar 


[14:43 – 20:58] How LinkedIn and Email Outreach Go Hand in Hand 

  • What makes LinkedIn so unique compared to other social media platforms as far as connecting and direct cold outreach? 
  • Steven addresses how valuable LinkedIn is when it comes to building customers’ trust to get their emails.


[20: 29 – 30:33- ] Building a Pipeline and Leveraging the Power of LinkedIn

  • If you’re going after 50 to 100 connections a day? Is it worth it? 
    • Steven provides a proven test for why connections they send without a message perform better than the ones with. 
  • The importance of LinkedIn is social selling
  • Steven shares insight as to how the healthcare world is utilizing LinkedIn more as their marketing strategy especially during this time of COVID. 


[30:34 – 35:39] LinkedIn Sales Course 

  • Steven and Kelly talk about the LinkedIn Sales Course and preview what they are working on that will be coming out. 
  • What is your advice for anyone deciding to start their LinkedIn journey?
    • Steven gives the greatest advice to startups like you that you don’t want to miss!


Tweetable Quotes: 

“The difference between cold email to someone versus an opt-in, where you’re actually nurturing someone to some date to get emails. That’s a huge difference” – Steven Perchikov 

“Breaking patterns of what people are used to. And being relevant are two great ways to improve connection rates” -Steven Perchikov 


Resources mentioned in the episode:


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