HR Pro Tips: Finding, Retaining, & Motivating SPD All Stars

(Season 22 new episodes begin releasing Oct 2nd! Until then, enjoy these exclusive conference special releases from some of our best Beyond Clean events) Where did all the technicians go?? It’s the question on the minds of every HR professional and SPD manager across our industry, and one we hope to tackle during this action-packed panel discussion! Our panel of experts are joining forces to help equip you with the tools necessary to attract and retain that rock-star Sterile Processing technician for your department. From the questions you should be asking during your next interview to the key motivation tactics that will improve employee engagement with your current team, this discussion will help you build the “dream team” of high-performing technicians. If your SPD is struggling to fill those open positions, then this is one session you can’t miss!

Speakers: Leroy Richardson, Tracy Raymond, Jamie Hinkle, & Hank Balch Our mid-season special releases of Beyond Clean are released under the 1 Episode = 1 CE delivery model. After finishing this interview, earn your 1 CE credit immediately by passing the short quiz linked below each week. Visit our CE Credit Hub at for access to this quiz and over 350 other free CE credits.



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