‘I Click What?’ A How-To on Training High-Tech Techs

Our industry is increasingly becoming a high tech space. But are our technicians and training keeping up? In this week’s episode of Beyond Clean, we’re joined by Amanda Wilcox, CSPDT, the powerhouse Education Coordinator for Sterile Processing at UH Hospitals. Amanda takes us deep into the world of instrument tracking systems, sharing her wisdom on its significance in Sterile Processing and the common challenges technicians face regarding onboarding and training. With a wealth of experience under her belt, she unveils strategies for effective training, measures of training program success, and best practices to ensure technician competence regarding these systems. Listen in as Amanda tackles the common pitfalls during system implementation and offers actionable advice for departments grappling with or considering this technology.   Season 21 of Beyond Clean is released under the 1 Episode = 1 CE delivery model. Dive deep into the episode and bag your 1 CE credit by acing the short quiz linked below each week.    For a treasure trove of this and over 350 other free CE credits, head over to our CE Credit Hub at beyondclean.net/ce-credit-hub



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