IKONA Health, Using VR to Transform the Patient Experience

Today’s podcast is on IKONA Health, a company using VR to deliver better patient care. We sat down with Tim Fitzpatrick; a US NAVY veteran turned trader on Wall Street + entrepreneur due to a life-changing back surgery early on in his career. We also have Todd Maddox, Ph. D, a learning scientist and former University Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Texas at Austin. We talk about all things VR, patient-centered care and education, experiential learning, and trail-blazing a new product category.

Other Topics Discussed Today:

· The original motivation for IKONA Health (5:50)

· How to navigate selling to large institutions + smart pivots (22:47)

· The unique challenges of selling VR products (28:11)

· The future of VR businesses (36:07)

· Why every product team should have a psychologist (44:00)

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