Innovation In Healthcare: Revolutionizing Spine Surgery and Using Technology To Empower All Sides Of The Industry with Dr. Alok Sharan (#17)

Today’s guest is world-renowned spine surgeon and pioneer of the awake spinal fusion, Dr. Alok Sharan. Dr. Sharan spent the early portion of his career as the chief of spine surgery at a large NY Health System, when his desire to learn and innovate eventually led him to go pursue additional education – this time, in the world of business. Dr. Sharan decided to enroll at Dartmouth to get his Master’s of Healthcare Delivery Science, and from there he made the move into the private practice sector. Today Dr. Sharan is treating patients in his NJ practice and is also a founding partner of the new digital platform, Doc.Social.

During our conversation, we discuss:

  • His decision to become a spine surgeon
  • Going back to school to study healthcare and business at Dartmouth
  • Key learnings from Dartmouth that helped form his thoughts on healthcare
  • His passion for innovation
  • How innovation drives progress
  • His top tips for those looking to develop as an industry leader



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