Innovation in Orthopedic Care, with Ben Schwartz, CIO of Healent

Today’s interview is with Ben Schwartz, the Chief Innovation Officer of Healent and a LinkedIn 2020 Top Voice.

Healent is a remote patient monitoring (RPM) platform that is dedicated to supporting patients with Musculoskeletal issues (think bone, muscles, joint pain, arthritis, orthopedic surgery, etc.). Healent uses technology to help patients monitor and manage their arthritis, deliver virtual physical therapy, support patients before and after surgery, and connects patients with their care delivery teams.

A few topics we cover:

1.) How virtual care can decrease rates of urgent care utilization while also improving patient outcomes.

2.) How does surgery need to evolve beyond the operating room?

3.) How do you convince doctors to use your platform when they have a negative bias toward technology?

4.) How can geography impact your business? Can it make or break your business model?

5.) How has COVID affected the pricing models for telehealth services?

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Show Notes

(1:36) Introductions to Ben Schwartz

(2:06) Transitioning from being a surgeon to Digital health

(3:45) What is Healent? Revamping hip surgery

(7:10) What makes Healent different from other telehealth providers?

(8:43) What will the future of telemedicine look like?

(10:08) Legal challenges with telehealth

(11:33) How do you sustain interest in online orthopedic services post COVID-19?

(14:19) How do you get doctors to use your platform?

(16:40) How has growing Healent in the Boston area affected the business?

(19:49) Delivering customized care to patients

(22:33) KPIs for Determining Surgery Success (23:45) Testing the Efficacy of Your Platform

(25:12) Pricing telehealth services

(26:40) How has the pricing of medical services changed because of COVID?


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