Jackson Square Ventures Partner Victor Echevarria on Why the Best Founders are Incredibly Humble; why SPACs are Overhyped, and Why the First $100B Healthtech Company is Closer Than You Might Think.

Today’s special guest is Victor Echevarria! Victor is a Partner at Jackson Square Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in software businesses. A founder turned investor, his investments include 1upHealth, WELL Health, and Trust & Will.

Prior to joining JSV in 2018, Victor founded Remedy Labs, a healthcare fintech company focused on patient and payer billing accuracy. He was also a very early team member at TaskRabbit, where he ran marketing and business development, conceptualizing and launching the company’s B2B offering.

Topics we talk about today:

1) How did being an early leader at TaskRabbit change the way you think about operating startups?

2) Victor’s insane luck of graduating into two different recessions after finishing undergrad and B-school.

3) Why there’s “never a good time” to start a company.

4) What is interoperability and why now might finally be the time to achieve it.

5) Are SPACs worth the hype?

6) How start-up founders can hack hyper-personal growth

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